Gaurav Karkhanis
May 18, 2023

The Client:

SEQRITE, the enterprise division of Quick Heal Technologies, is a prominent provider of IT security solutions for enterprises. The company concentrates on enhancing endpoint, data, and network security through advanced technologies that facilitate threat prevention, detection, and response. With its expertise, Seqrite Services offers comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services to various organizations, including businesses, PSUs, the government, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Quick Heal Technologies is India's sole publicly traded provider of cybersecurity products and solutions, making Seqrite Services a highly reputable source for enterprise cybersecurity needs.

The Challenge:

As a key account for Studio Dialogbox, SEQRITE's videos have always been a welcome challenge for our creative team. 

This time around, we had to create a video for HawkkScan - a cutting-edge solution that balances data privacy management with holistic cyber security. 

This technical space is a complex maze to navigate, where understanding data privacy needs and the impact of compliance with regulations is very important.

Having worked on multiple product videos for SEQRITE before, the challenge regarding HawkkScan was two-pronged. 

  • First, to create a video with its own unique visual identity, 
  • and second, to demystify and uncomplicate the world of data privacy management. 

Moving away from a standard problem-solution approach, while also ensuring the value proposition of the product was optimally showcased was a tough nut to crack.

The Solution:

The Studio Dialogbox team decided to implement a hybrid visual approach for HawkkScan. Since the 2D route had been used in earlier product videos, we decided to seamlessly merge 2D and 3D visuals to create a cohesive visual narrative. 

Adding different visual elements like abstract metaphors, 3D shapes, 2D characters, and UI mockups, a truly hybrid visual treatment was achieved.

The storytelling approach was based on a contextual premise supported by the latest statistics to communicate the urgency and necessity of data privacy management for global enterprises. 

Two versions of the script and, therefore, the video, were created. 

  • The longer one is for their product landing page, sales calls, etc., 
  • while the shorter 30s version is for paid ads.

The Approach:

Once the video brief was analyzed by the Dialogbox creative team, we sat down to research data privacy, its management, stats about breaches around the world, and the cost and effort of maintaining compliance with data regulations. 

Topics like data cognition and subject-rights request management needed further clarification from SEQRITE’s product SMEs. This was achieved via group conference calls. 

Once we gained an understanding of this, the team began brainstorming on the best possible story and visual approach for the video. After a couple of rounds of feedback, we finalized the voice-over narrative and started the storyboarding process.

Visualizing the story flow was a key component of this process, as there were quite a few intangible visual elements that had to be translated into understandable metaphors. 

SEQRITE loved the flow and the visualization, and provided the necessary inputs to point in the right direction. This helped us refine our visualization and finalize the storyboard. 

This set into motion the next stage, which was the creation of the 2D and 3D assets for this video. Since this was a hybrid approach, we had two sets of artists working individually on the 2D and 3D elements. 

First, a couple of style options were presented to the client, out of which the client picked one to move ahead with.

With the style finalized, our 2D team completed the illustrated segments, and handed them over to the 3D artists, so they could integrate them into the scene compositions. 

The tricky part was ensuring that the two different visual treatments looked cohesive and seamless and told a unified, coherent story.

Our 3D team did a remarkable job of merging 2D, 3D, and text animation into an enviable composition of animated sequences that formed the video. With the voice-over recorded and a background music track added, the draft was shared with the client for review. They were equally impressed by the result, and the feedback we received was minor, barring cosmetic changes.

With 3D, the post-production process is evidently longer, with compositing and rendering taking up time. We managed to optimize these processes while sticking to the timelines committed to the client. The final draft of the video was presented to the client and was approved with much appreciation. 

This led to the next stage of creating the shorter 30s teaser version of the video.

The Result: