Gaurav Karkhanis
May 18, 2023

The Client:

SEQRITE is a leading provider of enterprise IT security solutions with a focus on streamlining endpoint, data, and network security using state-of-the-art technologies for threat prevention, detection, and response. Seqrite Services, the enterprise division of Quick Heal Technologies, India's top and only publicly traded cybersecurity products and solutions provider, offers complete cybersecurity consulting services to businesses, PSUs, the government, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Challenge:

Continuing with the task of supplementing SEQRITE’s marketing efforts to establish market leadership, Studio Dialogbox started work on the next product. HawkkProtect is a state-of-the-art, secure, remote access solution specifically designed to secure user access to enterprise applications across today’s borderless workspaces.

While being satisfied with the visual brand language developed till date, SEQRITE wanted us to break the mold and develop a unique visual identity for HawkkProtect. Since the entire product suite revolved around enterprise security, it was important to create a distinct recall value for each product for the target audience.

The additional challenge was to crack a visual and story hook around the common use case of an organization’s challenges dealing with advanced cyber threats as a result of remote application access

An add-on requirement from the client’s end was to create a second version of the video with minor on-screen text changes for certain application names to customize them for Indian audiences.

The Solution:

With the brief distilled into clear action points, the Dialogbox team took to the drawing board to conceptualize a hook for the video. In parallel, extensive research went into identifying the right kind of visual style by comparing 2D flat, isometric, and mixed media approaches

The comparative study and intensive brainstorming sessions yielded the answer we were looking for - an isometric visual style with a hook that centered around an analogy. 

A storytelling approach was proposed where the entire video would play out with a single camera setup with minimum zoom ins and zoom outs, focusing on morphing and transforming elements within the isometric plane. SEQRITE loved this idea and gave us the go ahead.

Dialogbox also worked on creating a shorter 30s version of the video by repurposing and repackaging content from the original video. This teaser video could be used on social media and other marketing channels.

The Approach:

It all started with thorough research about the challenges faced by organizations when it came to securing remote user access to enterprise applications. The product’s premise was based on Zero Trust Security, which was a new network security model that the Dialogbox team had to get acquainted with, before beginning work on the script.

With the fundamentals nailed down, the creative direction team rolled up their sleeves and dove into expanding on the initial ideas of a metaphorical approach. It was decided to equate the importance of enterprise network security to a medieval castle that usually used a moat and a drawbridge to ward off enemy attacks. This led to the development of a comprehensive voice-over and visual narrative.

 The entire visual screenplay was now laid out in the form of scene wireframes synced to the voice-over.

Once shared with the client, the team received a few inputs regarding some visualization corrections and improvements that would ensure the technical features and specifications of the product would be highlighted accurately. 

Alongside, the art direction team at Dialogbox had already started experimenting with the SEQRITE brand color palette to arrive at some visual style options.

Taking this feedback in stride and finalizing the visual style, the team embarked on the creation of the full-color illustrations for the video.

Then the motion design stage began in earnest, where the individual illustration frames were animated, the voice-over and the music were layered over the moving frames, and the right sound effects were added. Once ready, the full draft was shared with the client via Wipster for review, and the team received a round of feedback.

After integrating the same and receiving the final go-ahead from the SEQRITE SPOC, the HawwkProtect video was finalized. This triggered the beginning of the next steps of creating the 30s teaser video and the alternate version with the on-screen text changes requested by the client. Both were turned around quickly, much to the satisfaction of the client.

The Result:

Multiple stakeholders felt the impact of the storyline, which is a testament to the brainstorming that went into developing a metaphorical hook for this video. 

The analogy drove home the product value proposition by positioning contemporary enterprise network challenges directly alongside product benefits

This video production process was an ideal example of how, with every video project, the collaboration process between clients and production studios becomes smoother and more seamless

Here’s the end result: