Event videos demand fast turn around with flawless quality. Learn how we did it for iGCB intellects global event for their ikredit 360 platform launch.

The Client:

iGCB is the Retail and Central Banking Solutions arm of Intellect. They offer a one-stop-shop Contextual Banking suite for Retail and Corporate banking across Core Banking, Lending, Cards, Digital Banking, and Central Banking. Bringing over 25 years of expertise in the developed and developing financial market space, iGCB seeks to be the Innovation Partner for businesses who are transforming the future of fintech!

The Challenge:

iGCB planned to launch two new financial products - iKredit360 Cards Marketplace and iKredit360 SME Marketplace at the first edition of the BankTech Wave 5 event powered by AWS.

The idea was to spread awareness and grab maximum eyeballs at the event. Having shared the brief with Studio Dialogbox on Jan 30th, 2023, they wanted the videos to be delivered in 3 weeks.

Although the scripts were geared more towards explainer video creation with a problem-solution structure, there couldn’t be any compromise on the visual aesthetics of the videos and their messaging, as these were going to support iGCB product launches.

Additionally, the videos had to look different as they were for separate products with separate TGs; so mirroring the style of one video in another wasn’t an option.

To top it all, feedback and approval cycles would have to be driven and managed to keep the production milestones on track.

The Approach:

Two distinctly different visual approaches were identified for the videos to resolve the client’s concerns about product identity crisis and quality.

Analyzing iKredit360 Cards Marketplace led to brand impressions around lifestyle, sophistication, and aspirations. That’s why, it was decided to take a stock footage approach that would use typography to enhance visual appeal and messaging.

iKredit360 Card video took a sophisticated and classy visual approach with stock footage and typography, along with 3D Smartphone UI segments to offer a premium lifestyle aesthetic.

SME Credit Marketplace, on the other hand, was more B2B, and that’s why a motion graphics approach with a clean, minimal aesthetic was planned.

Devising an optimal approach, the team skipped the sketched storyboard stage, and instead invested time and effort in identifying the right visual references for each video.

Production for SME Credit video was staggered in such a way that the iKredit360 Card video would reach the motion design stage earlier, providing the Studio Dialogbox team with a much needed sense of client’s design expectations. These could then cascade into the illustrations and design for the SME Credit video.

With the illustrated draft flow for the iKredit360 Cards video ready for review, it was shared with the client. This is where the breathing room created in the production process came in handy, as the colors had to be revised to a bolder scheme as per client feedback.

While motion design started on the iKredit 360 Cards video, thumbnail sketches were created for the SME Credit video and shared with the client.

The sketches were transformed into illustrations that also went through a feedback cycle where the colors were further refined to a bolder scheme.

With the final pieces of the puzzle falling into place, both video drafts were ready for the final approval rounds from the client, a day before the delivery deadline of Feb 21st, 2023.

The Result:

The hard work put into the creation of the two videos bore fruit, with the client sharing positive feedback on the videos, and also conveying the appreciation the videos received at the event.

This was the cherry on the cake, as on-time video delivery was as much a priority for the Studio Dialogbox team, as the impact and quality of the videos they delivered.

Client expectations were managed seamlessly through the course of the project, with communication and review tools like Whatsapp and Wipster enabling rapid exchange of feedback notes and approvals.

The Feedback:

Thanks a ton, Priyank! The videos have come out really well. Summit is a miracle man.

~ Avik Dasgupta

 Vice President, Marketing


Take a look at how the videos turned out:

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