Deep dive into our process for converting a complex technical topic into an easy to understand, engaging explainer video for a leading MNC in cybersecurity space

The Client:

SEQRITE is a global enterprise IT security solutions provider specializing in the simplification of endpoint, data, and network security with cutting-edge threat prevention, detection, and response solutions. The enterprise arm of India's leading and only listed cybersecurity products and solutions company – Quick Heal Technologies - Seqrite Services, provides comprehensive cybersecurity consulting services to Corporates, PSUs, Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Challenge:

Happy with the quality and experience during the production of the first video, SEQRITE tasked Studio Dialogbox with the creation of videos for their entire product suite - a project that would span 10+ videos.

The first amongst these was HawkkHunt XDR - a comprehensive security product providing eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) for larger enterprises.

SEQRITE asked us to try out new visual ideas and approaches for each product. This would ensure clear demarcation between their products, and help avoid confusion and overlap in the minds of their target audience.

Additionally, they wanted to consider multiple concepts around the use case of an organization’s challenges dealing with advanced cyber threats.

While this was a great opportunity for Studio Dialogbox to flex their conceptualization chops, the real challenge lay in understanding the HawkkHunt XDR product.

The Solution:

Dialogbox relished the opportunity. This offered the creative team a chance to enter into a consultative mode, analyzing the brief and client expectations, and providing a slew of feasible high-impact video creation options.

A concept was chosen from the presented options and an isometric visual style was preferred for the HawkkHunt XDR video by SEQRITE.

Ample time was spent on visual referencing, so that the new isometric style could be created as a logical extension of the existing brand language. The production process moved smoothly through the scripting, stylization, illustrations and motion design stages.

Dialogbox also proposed creating a shorter 30s version of the longer 90s video as part of the project scope. Content from the original video would be repurposed and repackaged to create a compact version perfect for alternative channels and mediums.

The Approach:

The team at Studio Dialogbox approached production with the intent to thoroughly understand the HawkkHunt XDR product, before putting down any words on paper.

Extensive research was carried out to evaluate competitive eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) products, and also to understand the value XDR delivered to the target audience.

Once the fundamentals were established, the team set about the visual referencing task alongside the creation of multiple conceptual storylines. The result was the first concept note that was presented to the client.

After careful deliberation, the client chose to go with Concept 2 and finalized an isometric visual approach. The script was created, and the visual screenplay was written down, accompanied by the creation of visual style frames.

Once the script was finalized and the style met with a positive response, the team at Studio Dialogbox dove into the illustration stage. Alongside, voice-over auditions were shared with the client and a male voice-over talent was finalized. Recording was initiated for the finalized narrative script.

After a few feedback iterations on the illustrations, the client signed off on the visual flow, and the motion design stage began. The video was animated, the voice-over track was layered over it, a background music track and sound fx were added.

This culminated in the first video draft being ready for client review, which was met with minor feedback. Revising the video and integrating client inputs, the Studio Dialogbox team was able to finalize the video for delivery.

The Result:

The effort invested at the beginning of the project in understanding the product and target audience challenges paid off in the form of a storyline that resonated with the client’s expectations. Once the client was on the same page as the creative team, the rest of the pieces just fell into place, leading to the smooth delivery of yet another video for SEQRITE.

You can check out the video here:

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