What's more effective than videos?

Interactive video storytelling is nothing new. However it hasn’t been adopted at a mass scale either. In this blog, we create compelling case on why you should consider creating an interactive video series.

Videos are super effective, right? 

But if you think about it, videos have traditionally been a linear thing.  

Introducing Interactive videos - a new and exciting tool that changes that, actively involving the viewer/user/prospective customer like never before. 

Imagine if they can choose their own navigation, complete forms, buy products, – and that’s just the start.

It gives you the power to create unique, exciting video experiences at scale that engages your audience, explain what you do and give support to your leads, customers and team.

According to a study by Spiel Creative, almost 90% of marketers surveyed noted a growth in their online sales after incorporating interactive video

Benefits of having interactive videos are many: 

  1. MORE ENGAGEMENT: One study found that interactivity results in 3 to 4 times greater viewer engagement than a linear video. Part of this can be attributed to interactive video turning a passive viewer into an active one. Instead of asking prospective customers to click on a particular link to proceed, you give them a few options to explore. This freedom to “explore” leads to more engagement with your content. 

  1. BETTER UNDERSTANDING of your proposition: If you have had sales conversations before, you know that it can be overwhelming for the customers to understand your “entire” proposition, its benefits, its features, its competitive advantages, pricing frameworks all in one go. But if they were to watch these videos one by one at their pace and their curiosity, their understanding improves drastically. Interactive video ads are 32% more memorable than linear video ads. 

  1. FASTER SALES CYCLE: There are roughly 6 to 10 stakeholders in B2B and high ticket purchases. A lot of time is spent on educating each of these stakeholders individually. An interactive video series can help reduce this time spent per stakeholder and also answer a lot of their individual concerns. Plus, when you sync up for an F2F meeting, you can directly talk about important and critical issues instead of telling them about basic stuff. 

  1. INCREASE CONVERSIONS: Interactive videos convert at significantly higher rates than many other types of digital video ads. Specifically, banner ads, Google display ads and Youtube Annotations convert at rates of less than 1%. Interactive video blows all of those out of the water, converting at a rate of more than 11%.

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