Videofy your product pitch

Explainer videos have really come of age. It has become a fundamental piece in marketing SaaS and subscription based products. What are the various formats and how should you ensure that it is the most effective are the topics that we cover in this blog.

Videos are most effective when used to explain your PRODUCT’s BENEFITS and connect it to how your customer can use it to solve their PAIN POINTS.

But products these days are constantly evolving and pivoting. And that's why your product explainers should be able to keep in sync with your product evolution.

Enter Animated explainers. But there are so many types of Product explainers, which one should you go for?

Here’s a list of curated explainers from Dialogbox to help you with making the right choice.

Motion Graphics Explainers:




Like the name suggests, this animation style heavily uses graphics, icons and abstract visuals to convey the story. It’s great for simplifying the message especially for use cases that are complex to understand.

Character Animation:


ICICI Lombard Risk assessment App

Care Calendar by Bridgehealth

Lead School - Hindi

No communication is as effective as an effective story. And every story needs a central character. And viewers relate to characters who are trying to resolve a conflict. These are the ingredients of an engaging Character animation explainer.

Hybrid Formats:

KPMG Contract management system


Vector consulting

In expert hands, it doesn't matter what format they are working on. Footages, cut outs, images, text - give them anything and they will turn it into a compelling video. By mixing animation, stock footage, text animation and live action formats, you can get super engaging results.

You can use this 10 point Checklist the next time you are reviewing a Product video:

  1. Are creative elements adhering to the brand ?  
  2. Is the beginning of the video enough to hook the audience? 
  3. Does the story have a clear emotional pitch or tonality - positive like humorous, witty, smart, professional, or negative like fear, worry, stress, anger, hassle etc?
  4. Is the Pain point generic or specific to the user? 
  5. Are you showing a high level view of the Solution ( Your product enters here) and why it is better than the competition? 
  6. Are you showing a glimpse of the “better world” because of the product? 
  7. Is there a Clear Call-to-action at the end? 
  8. Does it feel snappy or boring? 
  9. Is the language simple enough to be understood by a wider set of users? 
  10. Did you have fun producing it? 

Time to replace your 25 slide ppts with slick product videos.

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Leave videos to us.

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