Videofy - Key to the HR Challenges

Attracting the best talent is oftentimes strategically the most important step that you can take as a company. Videos have a big role to play in helping you attract. We cover different types of videos that you can use.

More than 61,400 startups in India with 14000 of them being added just last year. ( according to the Economic Survey 21-22)

Gone are the days when a few major private companies would draw the top rankers from leading universities. Mostly on the “brand name” alone.

Today, more than ever before, employees have the benefit of choosing what organisation they want to be a part of. They need to be presented with the best offer possible. An offer they cannot refuse, if you will!

That’s why fine folks like you are tasked with presenting your company as the best place of growth for future employees. 

And we’re here to help you get the job done. 

How, you ask? 

By videofying your processes! By adopting videos as your language, such as:

  • Employee branding videos,
  • Company culture videos,
  • Talent recruitment videos,
  • Internal communication videos,
  • Employee testimonial videos,
  • Messages from CEOs and company heads
  • Staff Onboarding videos
  • Training and Demo for internal staff
  • Events Participation and Live-streaming
  • Software Instruction & Troubleshooting videos


The list is up to your creative spirit…

Videos are everywhere. They entertain, they educate, they advertise, they communicate.  Be it vlogs, visual podcasts, animation, social media stories, online classes, games, the metaverse - the list just keeps growing!

Here are some of the latest trends:

  • Video dominates platforms like Youtube, where there are over a billion users with 500 million hours of content viewed everyday.
  • Video streaming is setting itself up to be as much as 82% of the total web traffic by 2022.
  • TikTok has over 600 million daily users with people posting 60-second vertical videos every waking moment. 
  • Instagram has over a billion users and is increasingly tuning their business model towards video adoption. Over 500 million users are posting their “stories” everyday. 
  • 15-second social media ads are about 75% as effective as 30-second tv commercials, at half the cost.
  • Job postings with accompanied recruitment videos received 34% greater application rate.
  • 95% of a message is retained when watched through a video compared to just 10% when read.

Videos are replacing “written word” like print media, reports & even blogs. They are much more human and intimate to connect with your audience - the prospective candidate.

Videos demonstrating your company’s culture and the values you share make room for emotional realisation and connection with potential employees before they make the rational decision to commit and engage with your organisation.

Spend your time on growth. Leave videos to us.
Leave videos to us.

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