Video First Marketing - A guide

Videos are powerful. And if you are ambitious, the thought of converting all the content in your entire sales funnel into videos, this guide will help you get started.

There was a time when videos used to be sort of like a coming of age for marketers. 

It meant that you had reached a certain marketing maturity. And that's when it made sense to invest in videos. No more. 

Companies, both big and small, SaaS or traditional, are directly jumping on the video bandwagon. 

Because it's easier, faster, and cheaper than ever before to produce a video inventory, 

However, that doesn't solve the problem. 

Because being video-first is not just about repurposing everything into a video. 

It's about putting the right video assets at the right stage of your marketing funnel. 

If you are interested in transforming your marketing and becoming a video-first marketing company, let me share a step-by-step process that has worked for me. 

  1. Middle of the funnel - includes your landing page, your home page or any other medium which you use to drive sign ups for your Demos. Maybe it's used by your sales team to convert a cold lead into a warm lead. You need two kinds of videos here - Explainer and Demos. Commission that first. 

  1. Ads/Promos - Once your middle of the funnel is solid, time to invest in your HOOK videos. These short video ads will be needed to drive traffic to your Middle of the funnel. You can embed these videos in your email marketing campaigns, lead gen campaigns and any other campaigns you may be running. 

  1. Testimonials/Case Studies - Some sectors prefer this type of videos are the TOF or MOF content ( like Medical devices, pharma, BFSI ) however, its best suited as retargeting or Bottom of the funnel content. Trust should ideally be built once awareness is ensured. 

  1. Thought leadership: Not to be left behind, thought leadership videos can drive a ton of traffic to your middle of the funnel mediums, but you should only get into this if you can commission a series of thought leadership videos. A standalone piece of content won’t be of any use, and whatever engagement you’ll drive will be lost too early. 

So here’s a quick step-by-step checklist to transform your marketing funnel into a video-first marketing funnel: 

Step 1 - Product Explainers 

Step 2 - Demos 

Step 3 - Advertisements/Promotions 

Step 4: Testimonials or Case Studies 

Step 5: Thought leadership content 

If you have all 5 video types already, make sure that they are being used efficiently at the right stage in the funnel. 

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Leave videos to us.

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