Get more ROI with lesser Videos

Getting a video made is only the beginning. To get most out of your video content, make sure that it is ready for your distribution channels.

Videos need investment, significant investment. 

And not just in terms of money. But also in terms of time, effort and planning. 

However, once they are produced and their immediate goal like an ad campaign is done, they are forgotten. 

And that is a lot of marketing wastage. So here are 5 really simple ways in which you can increase the ROI of your video assets. So they work more for you. 

  1. Translations - Translation of your videos in multiple languages will increase its viewership by that many times. Plus, translation is not as expensive or time consuming as it is thought to be. It's a fairly straightforward process. Infact, you can go a step further and get it dubbed in all these languages. 

  1. Adaptations - If your video was made in a single dimension ( mostly 1920*1080), then getting it adapted in different dimensions like 1:1, 4:5 and 9:16 can significantly increase its usability. That way, you will be able to put it on more platforms as well as on their stories and feed. 

  1. Edits - Getting shorter edits like 15, 30, 60, 120 sec edits of your video is a really easy way to get more out of the same video asset. 

  1. Without Sound - About 80% of videos are watched without sound. So if your video doesn’t have subtitles, make sure that all of them have it. Most video hosting platforms like youtube, will do it automatically, however do watch out for all the errors. You can go next level, with custom subtitles that match your brand guidelines. 

  1. Renovation - Sometimes videos get outdated because of previous years data or change in campaign strategy. However, that doesn't mean that you remove them. If you have the open files of the video, parts of videos can be replaced with new data, new copy and even new assets to make it more relevant. 

  1. VideoSEO - One of the easiest ways to increase your video views is to do the following. Having a loud and hook worthy Thumbnail & Title, and a well worded description with relevant keywords. 


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