Convert your content team into a video powerhouse

How can you increase the video output of your content team. We discuss a few techniques and supporting processes to create more videos at scale and speed.

The amount of video content your sales funnel needs will double every 12 months.

But the video production pipeline has not been able to catch up with this growing demand. And I am sure you have seen some of the below symptoms:

  1. Coordination and approval hassle between vendor and internal teams.  
  2. Too many open items 
  3. Mistakes in the produced assets 
  4. Review and feedback fatigue setting in 
  5. Vague visibility of the publishing schedule. 

So I am going to share 3 tips that helped me scale up our video production pipeline and reduce stress and fatigue at the same time. 

  1. Set Up a tracking mechanism 

We use Asana to track all our productions. This way all the stakeholders have visibility of the date and it's easier to triage the bottlenecks. 

Now having a tool alone is not enough, ever. Unless people adapt and respect it. 

So along with the tool, we keep a daily standup in the team ( much like agile teams) to apprise each other of the updates, problems and any other coordination. Asana is used like a north star to keep all the members on track. 

  1. Setup a file management system

I agree, this one is in no way a revolutionary point, but the lack of a standard File management system for videos is surprising. 

We use Google Drive to store, share and approve all the files right from the script to the final draft of the video. 

All the stakeholders from creatives to the approving team are given access to the files so they can access any folder at any time. This has reduced the constant “sharing requests” we used to get on mails and let us focus on finishing our work. 

Plus, having a standard foldering system makes it easy for anyone to look for the right files, anytime. 

  1. Review and Feedback - Wipster 

This one is truly a game changer. If you have been through even one video production cycle, you know that the review and feedback process is not a bed of roses. 

It can potentially derail the entire production process. 

I am a firm believer that having a robust feedback and review process is a MUST for scaling up your video pipeline. 

And tools like wispter that allows you to post your feedback frame by frame reduces a lot of time wasted in collating and interpreting approvers feedback.  

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